About Us

Dr. Lisa Pittman is a practicing Psychologist who has worked in domestic (USA) and international settings. She is American, and her first International employment experience began in 2008 in Singapore, where she worked for a private practice. She conducts diagnostic assessments, and counsels International and Monocultural students and their families on a wide range of social, emotional, behavioural, and psychological issues.
Diana Smit (M. Ed. Spec. Ed.) is the mother of three Expat Teens (ages 14, 15, 17) who only know Expat Life. Diana’s  teenagers have never lived in either of their passport countries (she is Canadian; her husband, Peter, is Dutch) and are truly global citizens. Diana and her family have lived in many countries, including, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Egypt, Indonesia, and Singapore. Diana has pursued a fulfilling career as an Educational Therapist, and she supports the academic needs of International students as a result of their Specific Learning Difficulties.