Friday, 7 October 2011

Do famous Expat Teens adapt easier to International moves than the rest of us?

Cruz Beckham. Apple Martin. Maddox Jolie-Pitt. Lourdes Leon. Estelle. You may not recognize their names, but you do have something in common with them – they are Expats. When David Beckham was traded to a USA soccer/football team, he took his family to the USA as well, thus making them expats. When actress Gwyneth Paltrow married Chris Martin (from Coldplay), they made one of their primary residences in the UK, making her children Expats. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been consistently referred to as ‘Global Ambassadors’, moving all over the world with their young children. Lourdes X may not look exactly like her famous American mother, Madonna, but she has lived in the UK for much of her life, making her an Expat Teen. Singer Estelle (“American Boy”) is a British pop star who splits her time between the UK and the USA, thus making her an Expat Professional. And while they are all popular (or are children of popular parents), they have to deal with some of the same issues that you non-celebrities do. They have to acclimate to their new surroundings. They have to find the best school for their children. They have to find the best apartment. They have to find the store where they can buy their favorite brand of food that they don’t think they can live without. They have to discover a new favorite restaurant. And they have to do it all with the help of their “relocation crew.” For them, that may be high-priced assistants and “entourage members” who can scope things out ahead of time and make sure that everything is ready when they move. For you, it’s your mother or father, or in some cases a  relocation agent who gives your parents some ideas and suggestions about where to live and where you should go to school, but ultimately leaves it up to your parents to figure out the rest (of the details). Either way, it takes adjustment and that is something that all of you – celebrity and non-celebrity, alike – must learn how to do.
So, does being famous make that process easier? Do you think that having more money means that a person has more resources at their disposal? Maybe so…then again, maybe not. Some of you are Expat Teens who are living in places where you may be well-off, financially, but that does not mean that you know where to go when you need help. You may not have celebrity parents, but that does not mean that you feel like you can go to them to discuss sensitive issues? In Expat Teens Talk, Expat Teens around the world shared their struggles with adjusting to various issues related to being an Expat and were provided with advice and support about how to address these issues. Stay tuned to this spot for more information about how and when you can get a copy of the book. In the meantime, TALK to us and let us know what’s on your mind…

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