Thursday, 1 December 2011

Who Is Today's Expat Teen?

We fully recognize that non-Expat Teens may be interested in this blog and our soon-to-be-released book ‘Expat Teens Talk’. Therefore, for their benefit, we have provided a profile of a real Expat Teen’s Expat Life, to date.

Please note: Names have been changed to ensure confidentiality and anonymity of the individual profiled;

Anne, a 16 year old female Expat Teen, is the eldest of three children. She was born in Canada - her mother is Canadian and her father is Dutch. At ten days old, Anne took her first plane journey to where her parents lived as Expats and to what would be her first ‘home’ - Moscow, Russia - where the family lived as a result of her father’s career. At age 2 years and 4 months, the family relocated to Cairo, Egypt, where they lived for the next three years. They went on to live in Jakarta, Indonesia; Singapore; Verbier, Switzerland; Geneva, Switzerland (where Anne went from an English speaking International School to a local French speaking Swiss National school); and finally back to Singapore. Anne has, to date, never lived in either country of the two passports she holds from Holland and Canada. Her next home is likely to be in the UK where she has recently applied for University.

Our book ‘Expat Teens Talk’, which will be available in early/mid December, is full of stories written by Expat Teens like Anne - teens who live transient lives full of change. Read the advice, support and solutions to these stories as voiced by Expat Peers, Expat Parents and Expat Professionals. 

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