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UWCSEA parents conference Expat Teens Talk

Expat Teens Talk – for parents
Saturday, 1 September, 8am–3pm
(you can drop into the sessions that interest you/suit your timetable)
UWC South East Asia – East Campus Block A, Conference Room 1 1 Tampines Street 73, Singapore 528704
Free for UWCSEA parents (sponsored by the PA) $15 for non-UWCSEA parents
UWCSEA is proud to host a day filled with unique workshops on expat teens with Dr. Lisa Pittman, Diana Smit and other guest presenters.
It’s about understanding the challenges facing third culture kids and how to deal with them.
Workshop overview
The many challenges that teens are faced with when growing up as expats will be explored from all angles throughout these workshops. There will be input from not just Dr. Lisa Pittman and Diana Smit, authors of Expat Teens Talk, but also sessions led by some of the leading experts on expat teens and Third Culture Kids (TCK). We will look at how being a TCK can have an effect on a child’s development and mental health, and we will focus on some of the unique challenges that we face with expat teenagers and how to deal with them.
As a result of this workshop, participants will:
␣␣ Gain a solid understanding of the Third Culture Kid experience.
␣␣ Understand and identify that the needs of expat teens are different than their monocultural peers and that there are valuable resources for them and for those who interact and support them.
␣␣ Learn the ‘tools and strategies’ to empower the expat teens they work with by being able to continue the ‘dialogue’ of identifying and meeting their needs.
␣␣ Have an increased awareness and understanding of who the ‘expat’ experts are and share their research and findings to enable teachers, counsellors, principals and administration staff of international schools to better understand and therefore support the well being needs of their student populations.
␣␣ Be aware of what the real issues are as identified by global statistics.
Audience for the workshop: This is useful for not just parents of teenagers, but any parents of expat children.
Programme for the day:
* Note: order of workshops is subject to change and will be confirmed one week before the event.
Saturday, 1 September
Julia Simens
‘Full Speed Ahead’—going from one international assignment to the next
Alice Wu
What are the effects of a globally nomadic childhood? Can these students become true cultural bridges?
Tina Quick
When expat kids transition for college/ university: what are the unique challenges and how to cope with them?
Jill Kristal PhD and Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly Fitting in while hanging on: supporting individual and cultural identity for teens in transition
Kay Chapman
A personal account from an expatriate mother whose teenage daughter developed severe major depression and bulimia
Rebecca Grappo
Why do some kids thrive while others struggle? How does being a TCK and part of an internationally mobile community either help or hinder a child’s or teen’s development?
Diana Smit and Dr. Lisa Pittman
Expat Teens Talk recognises the challenges that teens are faced with when growing up as expats
Workshop presenters
Dr. Lisa Pittman
Co-author of Expat Teens Talk, Lisa is a practicing psychologist who has worked in monocultural and expatriate settings. She counsels children, adolescents and their families on a wide range of social, emotional, behavioral and psychological issues.
Diana Smit (M. Ed. Spec. Ed.)
Co-author of Expat Teens Talk, Diana is an Educational Therapist who supports the academic needs of international students as a result of their specific learning difficulties. She is the mother of three expat teens who only know expat life, having never lived in either of their two
passport countries. As a family, the Smit’s have had eight international moves.
Joining Dr. Lisa Pittman and Diana Smit will be: Tina Quick, author of The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition; Julia Simens, counsellor, author, educator and consultant; Rebecca (Becky) Grappo, M.Ed., founder of RNG International Educational Consultants; Alice Wu teacher and intercultural consultant; Kay Chapman is a trailing spouse with three children; Elizabeth Vennekens-Kelly is an intercultural trainer, consultant and author; Jill Kristal, PhD, featured speaker and writer on relocation and life transitions.
Useful information
Who to contact at UWCSEA
Caroline Meek Director of the Centre for International Education
Phone: (65) 6305 5344 Ext.2020 (office) (65) 8233 8090 (mobile)
Email: Online registration
Fees are $15 for non-UWCSEA parents, which includes snacks and lunch. Click here to register.
What to bring
Snacks, lunch and refreshments will be provided.
We will make sure that the authors bring with them copies of their books for you to buy in case you are interested.
Our conference centre tends to be quite cool so a jumper or jacket is recommended.

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