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How Being an Expat Teen Can Be Confusing and Exhilarating

Once again, we have the privilege of introducing to you a guest blogger. Please help us welcome Jason Miner with his thoughts about the life of an Expat Teen. As with all other guest posts, we ask that you keep in mind that the views of the guest blogger do not represent those of the authors of Expat Teens Talk.

How Being an Expat Teen Can Be Confusing and Exhilarating
Living the life of an expat teen can be adventurous and enlightening. In some aspects, the expat teen will have insights into humanity that not many have experienced themselves. As each culture is explored from one location to another, the teen begins to develop an appreciation for many walks of life. An expat teen has the advantage of educational systems abroad and it could provide a further explanation into how each culture propagates itself and what aspects of life are held in higher standards than others. Although the teen will have a unique perspective of world matters and economies, the experiences they have to surrender could be equally as important to them.

1. Friends
Pro: While being an expat teen, you have the opportunity to make friends the entire world over from all aspects of life. You could learn a great deal of how other cultures advance and the knowledge gained from your friend could be worth a great deal.
Con: When it comes time to move on to the next location, your friends stay behind. If the bond developed between the teens is strong, it can be quite painful.

2. Romantic Relationships
Pro: As with making friends above, you can develop relationships with a variety of people in a myriad of locations. Using social media websites could keep you in contact with them.
Con: As many teens involve themselves on a romantic level with the opposite sex, this could become tiring when leaving a girlfriend or boyfriend behind. Long distance relationships have a way of dissolving and could cause frustration in the expat teen.

3. Ever Changing Scenery
Pro: There are thousands of adults who would give anything to be able to travel the world. This planet has much to offer and those who live abroad are the embodiment of those who wish to could go.
Con: It's hard for a teen to move from location to location without the ability to form roots anywhere. Constant change could grind down on a teen to the point of personal isolation.

4. Education
Thanks to advancements in technology, educational needs are quite easy to accommodate. Online study courses and schools can be taken with you wherever you go, providing you have some kind of Internet ability in the location. Educational staff are on hand to provide the best experience possible for the expat teen.
One of the most memorable moments in a teens life is the experience he or she gains from attending a high school throughout their education. Sometimes, the lack of stability throughout an education could lead to frustrations in a teenager. Moving from school to school doesn't bode that well in the United States for teens. However, the knowledge and experience gained could be worth the trade. 

Expatriation doesn't have to be viewed as a detrimental experience. Although it could be lonely as the expat teen moves from one locale to the other, the insights and teachings he or she will learn in the experience could give them a global perspective that could be greatly beneficial in public offices and even customer support. With experienced staff on hand, the expat teen is in good hands and any troubles that could arise are met with compassion and understanding. If only the rest of the world could be so lucky.

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