Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Back to school....change and newness

August and September are the months of the year when most of the Northern Hemisphere is busy with ‘Back to School’ preparations and events. It is an exciting time of change and newness. Students are busy meeting new teachers, learning new routines, making new friends and being exposed to new learning. In Expat communities, worldwide, this is often a time of even more change. Many Expat families, if they have the luxury of planning their move to accommodate the school calendar, spend their summer moving from one assignment to the next.. Many new Expat students go through the experience, again, of being the new student at school, in addition to trying to learn and adapt to the new environment, culture, language, food, etc. of their new host country. When we move as Expats, our list of things we need to do and learn is very, very long. Many of us (as parents) feel like life is often easier for the children in our families because they enter a structured environment that is full of routine and systems to accommodate new students. We think that you (as Teens) will be fine because you are surrounded and supported by caring and helpful teachers and students. We tend to focus our attention, therefore, on sorting out housing, learning where to shop for daily goods, learning how to navigate ourselves around our new environment, and somehow keep very busy with all the newness and learning in our new host country. But in reality, how do Expat Children, in particular you -- Expat Teens -- deal with all the change that you are confronted by each time your families move you from one country to the next? What do you find challenging to deal with?? Who can and do you go to discuss your challenges, especially when you feel that Mom and Dad are busy with so many other things during the initial phases of transition?
Because this time of year is one of transition, which often brings with it a need for new resources, we are happy to announce that we are planning to provide a resource that provides some answers to the questions asked above. It will include solutions, support and advice for dealing with issues related to the challenges of having a transitional Expat life. ‘Expat Teens Talk’ is a book that is in the final stages of being published, and will soon be available to help and support Expat Teens, worldwide, with common challenges that arise as a result of living and moving around the world.
Watch this space for more news and details. In the meantime, TALK to us and let us know what’s on your mind!

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