Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Trying to adapt

Every day, you see various news stories about individuals who are part of what is called the limelight: actors, models, athletes, and musicians. Some of them are there because of genuine talent. Others are there “by accident.” But no matter what, most of them embrace their popularity the best way they can, though struggle to maintain their privacy and sense of who they are. As an Expat Teen, you may not be in the middle of “pop culture,” but you may feel the need to live a dichotomous life like those celebrities. In some circles or environments, you may have to act a certain way, talk a certain way, and “be” different than you would be in a different environment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are two-faced or a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde character. It just means that you have to learn to adapt. But what happens when you encounter something that you don’t think you can manage? What if something happens and you don’t know who you can go to about it, or you don’t know how you can solve the problem or address the situation? It’s assumed that you don’t have “agents” or an “entourage” who can put just the right “spin” on it to make it appear to be different from what it actually is. So what do you do? Who do you go to?
There are a growing number of blogs and websites out there for other Teens just like you. As we’ve mentioned in previous entries, being an Expat Teen can be really great! However, every once in a while, something may come up for either you or someone you know that can literally rock your world. While it’s nice to know that there are blogs and websites that you can go to, it may also be helpful to know that there is a physical resource that you can access to help you get through those trying times. That’s where our book comes in. Expat Teens Talk is a resource that contains true stories from other Expat Teens, like yourself, who are struggling with various aspects of being a Teenager in an Expat World. Watch this space for more details. In the meantime, TALK to us and let us know what’s on your mind…

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