Friday, 17 February 2012

Initial comments in reference to 'Expat Teens Talk'

These comments were the initial reactions of people exposed to 'Expat Teens Talk'. They were recorded by the authors to share with the general public.

-'It is a very 'reader friendly' resource.
-'Wonderful to pick up a book like this and not feel like I have to read it cover to cover, but just be able to easily read what I feel is relevant and targeted to me.'
-'I love the 'Expat Teens Say....' quotes. I feel like I could have written them all.'
-'The photos are wonderful, it makes the 'communication' aspect of this book so real.'
-'The cover is striking, you notice it, it stands out from the 'masses' of books we are all exposed to. Well done!'
-'This is a book I feel like I want to read immediately, it is very inviting.'
-'Perfectly 'pitched' to teenagers.'
-'Finally, someone got it! Developing a resource targeted to teenagers that is not written in a 'language' teenagers do not speak. Expat Teens Talk 'speaks' in a 'voice' teenagers relate to.'

Send us your initial reactions, we would love to hear what you think about 'Expat Teens Talk.'
Diana and Dr. Lisa

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