Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Review of Expat Teens Talk from a 'non' Expat

"I am not an expat teen but I am someone who moved around a lot as a child and a teen and as such I can relate to many of the stories written in this book. The inherent difficulties of being a teenager weave through these stories spoken in the first person by the teenagers themselves. In our global village and with the traditional nuclear family dynamic the exception rather than the norm, the ways to develop and maintain lasting relationships and the sense of having a 'home' are two clear themes that we all, as human beings, struggle with - whether we grow up in one house, one country or move constantly around the world. This book can help inform these struggles whether you are a teenager, a parent, or a professional. The wisdom within the chapters clearly identifies the various points of view so that conversations can begin and creates realistic, actionable pathways for those in trouble and those trying to help them. It is a wonderful resource for all teenagers - particularly expat teens, their parents and the professionals they encounter and fills a deep void in literature in this area."

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