Saturday, 31 March 2012

Expat Teens Talk is out there…and people are talking

Going public with a book is an amazing experience. You realise when you hold the first copy of your work that you are exposing yourself to the big, wide world. You are sharing something that is near and dear to you with others that may love it, or not. The response to ‘Expat Teens Talk’, so far, has been extremely positive. People are expressing admiration about the fact that we finished what we set out to do, they appreciate the enormity of what it means to commit and complete such a task. We are enjoying the current  new chapter that we are working on, learning how to market, promote and support our target audience with our communicative resource, ‘Expat Teens Talk’.
What have we learnt from our own experience?? We have learnt the value and importance of doing what you believe in. We found a gap in the market and we felt we could, with our combined professional knowledge and personal experiences, that we could attempt to fill it. We are now working towards the next ‘chapter’ reaching our target audience to support them in navigating their way through the teenage years with the support, advice and solutions to make it an easier and less lonely route.

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