Saturday, 17 March 2012

Good reference for teens on the move, their parents and professionals,Another Amazon review...thank you!!

 March 11, 2012
This review is from: Expat Teens Talk, Peers, Parents and Professionals offer support, advice and solutions in response to Expat Life challenges as shared by Expat Teens (Paperback)
The authors involved expat teens, expat parents and expat professionals to create a valuable resource for all those who experience change in their formative years of life. In my work as an expat lecturer and a psychologist I often come across to the groups described in the book, and can relate to most stories. Although expat teenagers for whom change may be the only constant, gain important experiences, broader vision on world and life, they often need lots of support in the journey. I really liked the use of expat peer stories and advice. These stories will give to expat teens the sense that they are not alone, and the advice coming from people who are in their shoes will be most appreciated. This book is a good source, which will hopefully serve as a reference to many expat teens and their parents as they pass through the challenging process of change.

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