Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Families in Global Transition (FIGT)

There is nothing more inspiring and motivating than being together with a group of like minded individuals. FIGT brings together names like Ruth Van Reken (co authour of ‘Third Culture Kids, Growing up Among Worlds’, Tina Quick (author of ‘A Global Nomads Guide to Unversity Transition’), Anne Copeland, Jo Parfitt (Summertime Publishing, author of many books her latest being ‘Sunshine Soup, Nourishing the Global Soul’), and many other names. Anyone who is passionate and working, reasearching, reading about or interested in Expats and their way of life is there. Discussions, workshops, lectures, panel discusions are all presented to an audience who ‘gets it’. The pioneers and ‘newbies’ to Expat life sit around tables sharing stories, adventures, experiences and challenges and really feel like everyone around them understands how and why their life is different than the lives of those who do not move around and experience so much change.
It is a refreshing experience and one that we certainly look forwards to. This year we will formaly present our own work, ‘Expat Teens Talk’ is going to Washington to be introduced and shared at FIGT. 

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  1. I sure look forward to spending time among so many other published expat experts!