Monday, 26 March 2012

The powers of Social Networking

Everybody seems to have a point of view about the internet.  Since releasing ‘Expat Teens Talk’, our point of view about Social Networking has really changed. At first, we felt it was burdensome and did not see the value in investing the time and energy to engage and invest in facebook, twitter and even blogging was an effort……now, having been ‘found’ and ‘connected’ and ‘discovered’ by interesting, motivating, supportive people who understand the powers of networking we find ourselves ‘hooked’. We have been contacted by the most interesting people who want to know more about us and or point of view as a result of what we have shared through the medians of using Social Networking.
Learning more about 'why' it is important and 'how' it all really works is what converted us. We hope more people learn about the value of using 'Expat Teens Talk' as a supportive, communication tool through Social Networking.

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